BHAKTIPRIYAY : Hindi Bhajan Album

देवी वैभवीश्रीजी की सुमधुर वाणी में भजन अल्बम का विमोचन इस जन्माष्टमी के पावन अवसर पर किया गया!

Madhuradvaith : Hindi Bhajan Album

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Madhuradvaith is not just a name of a music album, it is a state of being. The ancient Rishis and Seers of India have said that a mind that is like Brindavan will house both the Bhakti or Devotion of Meeraji and Gyan or Knowledge of Adi Shankaracharyaji. This bhajan album by VaibhaviShriji Alekar gives the listener an unforgettable experience and is an expression of that state of consciousness.

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