Why am I feeling tired all the time? 6 ways to increase energy

Are you feeling pressured, overworked and wondering ‘Why do I feel so tired all the time’? If you are, it will help to understand what the causes of your fatigue are. Why do I feel so tired all the time? If this question has been rankling you, take a look at some of these causes…

The BEST Form of Donation

Though it is said “Anna daanam param daanam, vidya daanam atah param. annena kshanika trupthi, yaavat jeevancha vidyeya.” Which means that donating food is the best donation, donating knowledge is the best among the best kinds of donation. Food can satisfy one's hunger for a short time, but with knowledge, one can be lifelong satisfied.


If you look back, some of the greatest thinkers of this world, like Einstein, have been vegetarian. If you take a stock of how many great scientists and thinkers on this planet were vegetarian, you will find a large number of them were. So, somewhere, being vegetarian has a connection with the way the mind works.

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